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We are wild utopists who dream of a world in which all life thrives in harmony. Where all species and cultures are interconnected in web of nurturing relationships and regenerative practices. Where Earth's boundaries are respected and human well-being is a norm.
We believe that this can be achieved through the change in the way we design products and services. Which is why we are an innovation agency.
As such, we work by tapping into the knowledge of wild species and ecosystems. The ones who over billions of years of existence have perfected the art of prosperity within the Earth's boundaries. Their wisdom teaches us about the use of what is locally available, about the importance of cycling the nutrients and optimizing the energy, but also about the strength of diversity, the importance of cooperation and the intelligence of change.
At the moment we are a "one women show" but we hope to grow the tribe soon!

Darja Dubravcic, PhD

Biologist / Biomimicry Expert / Circular economy and Systems thinking specialist

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Darja is a biologists and biomimicry expert who helps change makers create products and services that are enjoyable for people and nourishing for the environment. In 2020. she has founded a Wild Innovation Agency and developed a Wild Thinking approach that combines the power of biomimicry, the scope of systems thinking and circular economy and the empathy of human centred design.

She is a two times TEDx speaker, has presented at more than 20 international conferences and numerous industry events (Logitech, Saint Gobain, Sonova, ETS). She is a regularly teaching bioinspired approach to designer, architects and engineers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, École National Superieur de l’Architecture de Grenoble and University of Zagreb (Faculty of Architecture).


From 2015. to 2017. she has created and coordinated Bioinspired Projects Platform at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a research and education initiative with over 60 bioinspired engineering projects in robotics, materials, solar energy, chemistry and medicine.

In 2017. she has replaced Swiss mountains for French ones by moving to Ideas Laboratory at CEA Tech in Grenoble where she mixed bioinspiration and open innovation with major French companies such as Bouygues and Suez.



In 2013. Darja has obtained her PhD in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Evolutionary Biology from University Paris Descartes, for her work on socio-biology of microorganisms. She holds a Master degree in Molecular Biology ( University of Zagreb) and in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences (University Paris Descartes).

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