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Purple Flower




Our workshops combine the best of circular design and biomimicry to guide you in your sustainable transformation.


"Wild&Circular Roots"

This short workshop helps your business rapidly integrate the basics of circular economy and Life's principles. It consists of two 2h remote sessions, "Circular through partnerships" and "Circular through redesign". Together they will show you how you can simply reduce your waste, rethink material usage and share resources through partnerships and smart design. Who wants to start growing some new sustainable roots!!

"Wild&Circular Growth"


Define and grow your circular strategy through a set of five 2h working sessions (or a 2 days workshop) that combines the best of circular economy and biomimicry. You will get a global view of your systems and understand your resource flows so that you can start a holistic transition from a linear to a circular business model.


The process:

  1. Circular Systems and Flows - understand the ecosystem that supports you and how resources flow within

  2. Circular Partnerships - go circular through new and old partnerships

  3. Circular Upstream design - redesign your product with minimum resources and maximum value

  4. Circular Downstream design - rethink your product "end of life"

  5. Circular Business model - explore new circular business strategies and create value for users, employees and stakeholders


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